When is Fortnite shutting down? June 2020 rumors explained!

A lot of people are wondering when Fortnite is actually shutting down thanks to rumours that have stated June 2020.

There have been a bevy of rumours lately concerning popular mainstream products coming to an untimely death this year. Tik Tok has been rumoured to be coming to an end alongside Minecraft and Roblox, and now there are rumours that have some people concerned that Epic Games will be shutting down Fortnite in 2020 also.

The popularity of Fortnite is said to be steadily decreasing, but that hardly matters when the title made an historic $1.8 billion in 2019. With Epic Games having made more money through the Battle Royale title than any other video game for a second straight year, the rumblings about it being shut down in 2020 come across as a nonsensical prank designed to cause mass hysteria amongst the gullible.

And that’s exactly what the rumours are.

Author: moneysavingone