7 Greatest Centre-Forwards of the Decade

For those of you who are new to the series and/or to the channel itself, I have already looked at the seven best goalkeepers, right-backs, centre-backs, and so on and so forth all the way up to the most recent video on the seven best left wingers. If you haven’t watched the earlier videos and would like to, there is a playlist on the HITC Sevens channel just for this series since I always recommend starting with the goalkeepers seven as I lay out my criteria a little more explicitly in the introduction there.

I would suggest this is the second most competitive seven of the series, trailing only the central midfield one which was really three positions rolled into one, so I shouldn’t really need to point out that some really exceptional strikers do miss out. Every generation has outstanding centre-forwards, and the last ten years are no exception. As I always say, a brilliant centre-forward in 2010 like Didier Drogba or an exceptional one in 2019 like Kylian Mbappe won’t feature, because this series is based around ability and performances over the entire decade, rather than peak level of performance at a single point during the last ten years.

I should also point out that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have already featured in this series, before any incredulous viewers who are new to the series take furiously to the comments to complain about their omission. Lastly, my boss wants me to tell you all to follow the Bhoys vs Blue Noses YouTube page which is all about Celtic and Rangers and has nothing to do with me but is part of the HITC family, so I’ll leave a link to that channel in the description for any Celtic or Rangers fans who might be watching.

Author: moneysavingone