The Specials: How to stay relevant in popular culture after 40 years

With their first album since 2001, and live performance with viral EDL opponent Saffiyah Khan, The Specials have shown their anti-racism message is still as necessary as ever in British society

Last night my dad and I had a conversation about The Specials. It’s interesting how you go about measuring a band’s legacy over the course of four decades. So many bands come out, make a statement, hit their peak and then gradually fade away. Though, that doesn’t seem to be the case with The Specials, who recently made an astounding comeback with a brand new record and live show crafted to tackle the discontents of modern Britain.

The record ‘Encore’ is loaded with sharp societal critiques, resembling an updated vision of the manifesto they set out in the seventies. Just as The Specials’ debut seamlessly brought together black and white music, these new songs seem intent on unifying the experiences of people from all walks of life.

Author: moneysavingone