Is Fingers dead in Our Girl? Fans left fearing for Sean Ward’s character in episode 3 cliffhanger

Our Girl has been one of the BBC’s most popular weeknight programmes in recent years with the series raking in viewers in the millions.

In March 2020, the military drama returned for its long-awaited fourth series after the two-part third series concluded in 2018.

As ever with a new series of Our Girl, a whole new swathe of actors have been added but it’s the existing characters who fans need to watch out for as episode 3 showed in dramatic fashion.

After seemingly pulling off a near-flawless mission, one member of 2 Section, Fingers, is left fighting for his life after being shot and it’s safe to say that fans have been left a nervous wreck by the cliffhanger conclusion to episode 3.

Our Girl’s fourth series arrived on BBC One on March 24th, with new episodes airing weekly on Tuesdays.

After a tumultuous set of tours in Nigeria, Nepal and Belize, Georgie rejoins 2 Section in Afghanistan and the team are tasked with taking down an insurgent warlord, Aatan Omar.

In episode 3, 2 Section work to rescue Dr Bahil after she was kidnapped by the insurgents and in the process, Omar is captured.

However, when the main 2 Section force comes under attack, one of the team is hit.

Does Fingers die in Our Girl?

  • At the moment, it’s unknown whether Fingers will die or not.

Fingers, played by┬áSean Ward, is shot just as he’s entering 2 Section’s armoured transport and is left lying on the floor as Georgie tries to save him.

Agonisingly, before we learn about Fingers’ fate, the screen fades to black and we’re left with the message ‘To be continued…’

Author: moneysavingone